ROTATOR TR01 automated suspension device

It is a prefabricated structure with a supporting-rotary device, controlled by means of Kinesys software and designed to be hanged on the  truss and then used to rotate various stage equipment and structures around a vertical axis at any angle of rotation.

– maximum lifting capacity – 1500 kg

-the speed of rotation of the suspended load – 600 mm / sec

– recommended speed of rotation (no more) – 90 ° / sec

– maximum (taking into account the applied drive: Motovario NMRV-P i050 reducer and EMERSON 089UDB305 servomotor)

Maximal speed of rotation 115 … 130 ° / s

Rotator TR01 weight (excluding drive mechanism) – 85 kg

Diameter of the hole for passing cables through the Rotator TR01 – 104mm

  • Blackout Studio