Photon is the latest high-tech media server with maximum performance and stability. Designed to control the visual component of a show or any performance.

 Edit, compose & play back. Brilliantly.

PHOTON is a next-level multi-tasker. Its intuitive Timeline makes editing, composing and uncompressed playback of multiple layers of content a total cinch.

PHOTON’s professional real-time color grading feature allows you to achieve both the media look you’re after and the ability to adapt that look live, in real time. Pretty brilliant.

Track like a boss in 2 or 3D.

PHOTON understands your stage, period.

No matter how simple or complex, this heavy-lifter is tuned into any moving or static object that your video needs information about. Think projectors, screens, cameras and performers. And, it can track on non-rigid surfaces such as cloth, flags, inflatables and more. Flexible and smart.

Project to the next level.

PHOTON is designed for flexibility and precision. Regardless of how many projectors your show requires, PHOTON is up to the task. It automatically aligns and blends an array of video projectors in any kind of situation over any surface, using light sensors, cameras, reflective optical markers and active emitters.

Thanks to its super flexible integrated LED mapper, it accommodates several processors and screen formats.

Synch everything up. Effortlessly.

PHOTON media servers work together as one powerful unit. This means live backups and seamless media server replacement are automatically enabled thanks to our transparent networking.

And because PHOTON is fluent in MIDI, Art-Net, TCP and UDP, language is never a barrier when synergizing with other products (like controllers, sequencers, lighting equipment and audio processors). Everyone gets along.

Video codecs
• Animation +
codecs • Apple ProRes 422/444
• Photo-JPEG
• Uncompressed (None)
• MP4
• H.264
Video outputs
• 2 x 4K or 4 x HD (Photon 4-HD model)
• 4 x 4K or 8 x HD (Photon 8-HD model)
3.5 GB / sec. playback
Equivalent of:
8 x 4K30p videos in uncompressed 4: 2: 0 or
32 x 1080P30p videos in uncompressed 4: 2: 0
Weight 40 Kg

  • VYV