“The general annual meeting of Russia, Ukraine and CIS divisions of Consumer Health department of Bayer AG took place on 11th of January in the World Trade Center in Dubai. The main talking topic is futurism and digitalization of the company. Danila Medvedev (futurologist, business advisor) and Denis Grishin (consults start-ups in the field of b2b and b2c products development) were the lead speakers of the conference.

Blackout Studio played the part of technological partner and advisor for the production team and helped to materailize the concept. The company provided low-pitch LED screens rigged to kinetic computerized hoists controlled using Kinesys system. The content synchronization with movement of screens was provided by amazing VYV Photon media servers which provided smooth and seamless content transition from screen to screen. The ability of Kinesys K2 console to provide real-time coordinates of moving objects was crucial to providing such a sync scheme. This type of sync was used for the first time replacing conventional sync methods and showed itself accurate and reliable.”



LED screens and Multimedia

Rigging, kinetics, stage movement

Date of the event: 11.01.2020