World Boxing Forum is an annual event hosted by Russian Boxing Federation which had gathered top representatives of all of the major world boxing associations – WBA President Gilberto J Mendoza, IBF President Daryl Peoples, WBO President Francisco Valcarcel, WBC first vice-president Housin Hoichi, World Thai Box Association secretary general Stephan Fox. The forum introduced a possibility for all the federation to discusss standing issues between them in a friendly and comfortable manner.
Besides that the event included gala opening ceremony which was held on a large stage built in Ekaterinburg gaming sports palace on 13th June with marvellous design solution which included triangular screens moving on Kinesys APEX motors, lasers and stage lift. The gala included acts from official representative of the Forum – Roy Jones Jr who was moved on a stage lift during his performance, Sergei Bobunets, Hanna and russian rap star Timati. Also during the event some showcase fights were held. The main fight was held between Dmitriy Kudryashow and Ilunga Makabo. Makabo was victorious after 5th round technical knock-out.
Blackout Studio had made full production of the event implementing untrivial design solutions introduced by the client.




Lighting equipment

Date of the event: 13.06.2019