The ideal Softbox for LED lights
For the age of LED lighting, TRP Worldwide has created the patented SNAPBAG, the first self-tightening softbox. SNAPBAG instantly pops out of its storage bag, ready to work, without the use of a speed ring. Lighter weight, quicker set-up, and ease-of-use have made them the go to choice for directors of photography, gaffers, lighting technicians, and photographers worldwide. SNAPBAGS erect and mount in seconds, collapse and store in a compact bag to save space, and mount directly on the front of most popular LED fixtures-no heavy speed rings, no extra stands

The 3 most important features you need to know about our SNAPBAGS

Intensified softlight. Shine bright.
TRP Worldwide SNAPBAGS use reflecting fabric to intensify the light of your lighting fixture.

Easy handling. It’s a snap.
Mounting SNAPBAGS can be done in a matter of seconds. They are just as quick and simple to use as our award-winning SNAPGRIDS.

No Speedring. No Hassle.
TRP Worldwide SNAPBAGS don’t need a Speedring.

Mounting Types.
Ingenious mounting methods to suit every need. Mounting SNAPBAGS can be done in a matter of seconds – quick and simple to use.

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