DigiDot M18 PixelsStrip is one of the latest additions to our equipment stock with state-of-the-art RGB diode technology.

Each segment contains 18 segments with 6 diodes each for incredible effects. The diodes are housed in a lightweight aluminum profile for cooling and easy installation. This product works great both at fixed installations and in rentals

The use of epoxy glue allows to protect the diodes from external influences and water according to the IP65 standard. The devices are also equipped with IP65 standard connectors.

Our new LED strips are significantly brighter and are DMX controlled using the new Madrix media server. Pixel Pitch 14p

Length: 153 mm
Width: 29 mm
Thickness: 28 mm
Weight: 0.68 (Kg)
Waterproof: IP65
Black color
Power consumption: 26 W
Pixel pitch: 14 mm
Number of diodes: 108
Color system: RGB
Viewing angle: 120 °
Working temperature: -20 – 80 ° C

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