This 1500W Clay Paky moving head fully loaded with effects, including 20 gobos on 3 wheels, animation disc, rotating prism and the exclusive Automated-Star-Gobo (patent pending). All devices are fully combinable with limitless rotation and morphing possibilities. The zoom has an extreme aperture range from 7° to 57° (1:8 ratio) with an amazing 120 bpm speed. An auto-focusing function combined with the Dyna-Cue-Creator make programming and operation easy and creative. A special high definition iris, the advanced Zoom-Tracking-Diffuser and silent operation position Alpha HPE 1500 at the edge of show-lighting technology.

Specifications :

● 1500 W Fast-Fit discharge lamp
● Power may be set to 1500 or 1200 W
● 6.5°- 57° electronic linear zoom
● CMY colour system + colour wheel + linear CTO
● A rich range of effects designed for professional use
● Dichroic glass patterns: 20 gobos (12 rotating on 2 gobo wheels + 8 fixed)
● Exclusive adjustable animated star gobo on a dedicated channel (patented)
● Animation disc + rotating prism
● Zoom-Tracking-Diffuser (frost filter synchronized with zoom plus flood filter)
● Stay-Sharp-Zoom function for automatic focusing
● Special 16-blade mechanical iris
● 0-100% hybrid dimmer (electronic + mechanical)
● Dyna-Cue-Creator on a special channel for fast artistic programming
● Three-phase pan/tilt motor for perfectly silent operation
● High performance electronics and firmware
● Modular construction for easy maintenance

  • Clay Paky