The Lightsky AquaBeam is an IP rated moving head beam projector with a lot of power.  With an extremely short-arc lamp, the Lightsky AquaBeam packs a tremendous punch for low wattage, which makes it very attractive for this class of narrow-beam moving heads.

The output of this AquaBeam light is impressive, with the light cutting an impressive beam through the air, easily visible several blocks away. With haze, the effect is even more impressive.  Being weatherproof, water and dust exposure at events and shows is not a concern. This unit provides almost all of the colour-mixing and gobo options a lighting operator is likely to need for a wide range of outdoor festivals and concert applications.

Want the wow factor at your event? This bright, efficient weatherproof intelligent light is the way to do it.

Ideal for outdoor festivals, concerts and more. It is also ideal as a Hollywood Searchlight for venue openings and product launches.

The LightSky AquaBeam is the perfect solution for outdoor live events and productions. Rated at IP54, the Aquabeam has withstood intense testing that included months of continuous extreme weather, driving rain, baking sun, dust, and windblown debris; all the while standing tough against the elements and delivering brilliant beams and amazing effects.


  • Lamp:Osram SIRIUS HRI 440s
  • Average Life span:1200h


  • German Engineered Glass Lens
  • ​16 facet +32 facet (standard); 3 facet +8 facet (Option)
  • Parabolic Reflector Guaranteeing Highest Uniformity and Precision​


  • ​0-100% linear dimmer
  • ​Independent shutter and fading effects with adjustable speed
  • ​Strobe: mechanical, .5-20 flash per second (with random strobe effect)


  • ​Color wheel with 6 dichroic filters + open (linear-step-less selection)
  • Color Temperature: 3200K~7800K Linear adujustement
  • Linear CMY color mixing


  • Beam angle: Beam Projection 2°​
  • 45°​ Wash effect
  • Fixed gobo wheel: 12 fixed gobo + blank
  • Easy access to gobo wheels for replacement
  • Linear focus adjustment
  • ​Double dimming board and super-smooth dimmer.
  • LightSky