Our new display, flexible mesh, has a huge range of applications with 9.375p pixel pitch. Now we have the opportunity to cover any decorations of any shape, and also not to limit ourselves to the rectangular shape of standard screen modules in creating projects. This screen can be mounted as a stage back, LED ceiling, or curved, wavy or cylindrical screen. Also, this screen is lightweight and 40% transparent.

Pixel pitch                      9.375mm
diode type                       SMD3535
module size                    300x1200x30mm
module resolution        32×128
brightness                      2500 Nits
power consumption     75W
module material           aluminum
module weight              3.84 kg
viewing angle                horizontal 120 ° vert – 120 °
visible distance             ≥9m
IP protection                 IP65 front/ IP54 back
transparency                 40%
connection angle          any
module area                  0.36 m2
in stock                          192 modules / 69.12 m2

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