K2 Console
K2 is available as a Console (with a PC built in) as well as a standalone piece of software. The Console provides a self-contained hardware solution (custom built by Kinesys) which includes a PC optimised to run K2, delivering the best possible user experience.

The Console allows for faster programming and easier operation with dedicated buttons and playbacks for controlling K2. An Emergency Stop button and Dead Man’s Handle are also built into the Console for connection into an emergency stop system, including the Array PD-ES.

K2 Software
The programming and playback environments display real moving objects as realistic graphical representations. These are positioned in a 3D space in the correct proportions and relation to the stage, set and other items as well as other moving objects. All these graphical items can be created in industry standard CAD packages and imported directly into K2. Programming then becomes very simple, with manipulation of the moving objects as straightforward as click-and-drag. The ability to move objects in real world axes, X, Y, Z, pitch, tilt and rotate makes programming very intuitive with K2 shielding the user from the complex multi-dimensional calculations required and instead presenting them with easy to use programming parameters.

User programmable limits and clamps allow envelopes of motion to be easily constructed around objects. When combined with numerous other safety features and extensive feedback to the user, the programmer is in complete control of the devices being used. K2 is not just limited to winches and chain hoists – any number of devices can be connected to this powerful and flexible system. Personality files make integrating new mechanical devices into the system very straightforward.

K2 includes the ability to output positional information to media servers, allowing for a great deal of creative freedom and flexibility when using motion and video together.

  • Kinesys