Shotlight Wash is a totally new kind of projector that combines an extraordinary 1500W discharge lamp washlight and a 3000W Xenon lamp strobe in just one device. The two wash/strobe functions are perfectly integrated and can be operator-controlled with either simultaneous or separate operation and special effects. The “strobe” function is provided by two semi-circular Xenon lamps working independently, i.e. they can flash together or separately, at different frequencies.

Washlight section:
• 1500 W Lok-it discharge lamp
• Optical unit with extremely high luminous efficiency
• Power may be set to 1500 or 1200 W
• 11°- 74° electronic zoom
• CMY colour system + 2 colour wheels (6+6) + linear “Golden CTO”
• Indexable and rotating ovalizing filter
• “diamond effect” filter
• Frost filter
• 0-100% hybrid dimmer (electronic + mechanical)
• Three-phase pan/tilt motor for perfectly silent operation
• High performance electronics and firmware
• Modular construction for easy maintenance

Strobe section:
• 2 special, curved, pulsed Xenon lamps, 1500 W each Lamp life: 500 hours
• Special shape mirror reflector
• Each lamp is individually operated
• 0-100% intensity control with blinding effect
• Flash rate 0-16 Hz
• Automatic over-temperature safety
• Automatic safety black-out in case of unstable frequency
• Pre-set strobe effects and strobe/wash effects

  • Clay Paky