“Russian pop-star Ani Lorak has presented her new grand show “”DIVA”” in Minsk, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
The first song – Shady Lady allowed Ani Lorak to get as high as 2nd place on Eurovision song contest. On the start of the song Ani Lorak appears standing on a giand Fenix bird flying above the stage. It is a really impressive piece of decoration art built out of main body rigged on Kinesys GIS computerized motors and the feathers which included LED lighting being rigged on 320 high-speed winches all programmed with a separate GrandMA2 desk.
Alltogether show included 22 impressive technological solutions for each song. Each being unique and holding special decoration sets, costumes and FX. And for the whole 3 hour show Ani Lorak was on stage, showing great grace, flexibility and endurance, changing dresses multiple times to entartain every visitor on her show. Among the visitors you could see all the best of russian pop stage and a lot of famous people.
For the song “”Hold my heart”” we used a Fanuc robot arm which held a small part of stage able to move and rotate endlessly. Factory-grade robot, usually seen in large manufacturing buildings found itself under the stage moving our fearless artist. Moreover we had a tracked projection lighting up the platform. Ani Lorak required marvellous plastique to move seamlessly on the moving platform while singing.
Another technical solution which undoubtedly catched a lot of eyes was Ani Lorak flying from stage to FOH on a giant chandelier rigged on Kinesys GIS motors moving along the rail flying high up during the song “”I will be yours””.
The man behind all these brilliant solutions is the director of the show – Oleg Bodnarchuk, who has worked on the biggest shows in russian show-business.
Now we are going to talk numbers. We used 19 programmable stage lifts, transformable stage of more than 1000 square meters, 240 costume sets, more than 400 controlled rigging points all transported on 22 trucks.
This show required an international team of professionals to accomplish. Firstly we had director, orchestration and ballet team “”Freedom”” from Ukraine. Then Blackout Studio team took all of the technical production part but we needed some partners to succeed as we invited Fabrika Decoracji from Poland to build the stage set and FX company from Czech Republic. And finally the management was made by Russian office of the artist.”




LED screens and Multimedia

Rigging, kinetics, stage movement

Lighting equipment

Date of the event: 16.02.2018-03.03.2018